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Jun 4, 2012 9:30pm EDT
and reprocessing. if it isn't legal, everybody should stop. why are they talking only about iran, though. therefore the rights is there. the argument is -- the western side is emphasizing, maintaining that responsibilities come first. and then rights. iran maintains the rights come first and responsibility come after. i think in moscow, they -- already they have agreed on istanbul on a step by step plan. in one step, they can agree on a simultaneous approach. i mean the p 5 plus 1 respects the rights of iran for peaceful nuclear technology, including enrichment on their npt. and iran also immediately at the same time accept to sign the tentative draft agreement already agreed in tehran during last visit of amano. this is a work plan which if iran signs this would address all the ambiguities and technical questions of the ia a ea, including the possibility i mentioned. this can mean parallel in order to end the game chicken and egg game. the third one is the focal point of the p 5 plus 1 during last nine ten years, always they have been focusing on suspension. i believe they should in the future neg
Jun 9, 2012 3:27pm EDT
what you have said you would be in favor of encouraging countries like jordan, like turkey to use iran as a model for nuclear development? >> no. >> no? >> should i explain? >> yes. >> i think the enrichment today's just because of the u.s.. but after the revolution with iran decided engage in nuclear activities, the u.s. position was no nuclear power plant for iran. the u.s. was not ready to recognize the rights of iran for power plants. this was the reason they could not do anything in order to complete the unfinished projects. the western countries left iran with billions of dollars of unfinished projects, and they were not ready -- iran had no plan, no program for in richmond, and the revolutionaries decided even to decrease to a minimum the ambitious projects. they canceled many projects. but when the rest challenge iran with the rights, even for nuclear power plants, you left no other option for iranians. then, after iran mastered the in richmond, then the u.s. said, "ok, now, we recognize the rights of iran four nuclear power plants. after iran mastered nuclear enrichment. this
Jun 6, 2012 7:30am EDT
was worked on with the interlocutors in iran over transparency but it was clear that was not going to work because in many ways the iranians should receive something more. and an estimate of the situation has to take into account the domestic imperative that influenced both sides. my summation is with united states smaller is better and for iran bigger is better and that is where the two side done coming at this. smaller and better for the united states because of an election year i speak frankly. the president takes great risks in making big compromises because the points of attack are multiplied and explaining why he went so far particularly early in the gate is a difficult situation. the president has national interest imperative in finding a diplomatic solution. the effort to continue to find a diplomatic solution is a small but not very conclusive weight against precipitous israeli action to attack iran. keeping the process going is valuable but keeping the process going until after the election with no movement also has a conclusion of sterility that will arrive sooner or later if so
Jun 13, 2012 1:00pm EDT
. mr. president, if i can shift to iran. >> i want to say, where are all the women? seem more optimistic than hillary about women. you know, president obama asked me who's against democracy in the middle east. i told him, the husbands. they don't want to share with the women equal rights. so why are we becoming optimistic? my optimism stems from a different point. today the children are on the side of their fathers, not on the side of their mothers. and that is my hope, they understand that if they want to reform, really their country, and many of them in cities. and requested modern communication. they won't give up. democracy is a little bit complicated because some people think democracy is another -- from being a muslim to be a democrat. well, it's not the case. because islam is a spiritual position. not an economic doctrine. and for that reason, i'm a little bit even more optimistic than you are. and i think one should watch the combination of the women and the youngsters. and the fathers may find themselves all of a sudden -- the future so that -- these are my notes of o
Jun 9, 2012 2:00pm EDT
at russia it is direct at iran. and that's why they're there. but they could gain the missile defense capabilities could gain a very important political role internally in the alliance if it was to become the push for example for changing the tee ternt posture from one that is based almost completely on punishment to one that is based more on denial. and it's going back to some very old-fashioned debates that i thought i had seen the back of they say in 1990 but nerls those are the kinds of things that are being talked about. but if you have a different deterrence posture that has moved from punishment to denial then clearly you have a completely different decision within the alliance to discuss what is going to be the deterrent posture in the alliance. so that's the first thing that wasn't discussed. we just think it's a great shame. but i think it's not discussed because of the way the whole process was run but it was divided into three committees, it was not an overall discussion that was looking at conceptual understanding of what the deterrence and posture of the alliance should
Jun 4, 2012 9:00pm EDT
that is directed at iran. and that's why they're there. but they could gain the missile defense capability could gain a very important political role internally in the alliance if it was to become the push for example for changing the deterrence posture from one that is based almost completely on punishment to one that is based more on denial. i mean it's going back to very bizarre, very old-fashioned debates that i thought i had seen the back of in 1990, but nevertheless, those interest kinds of things that are being talked about. so if you have a different deterrence posture that has moved from deterrence by denial -- no, from punishment to denial, then clearly you have a completely different position within the alliance to discuss what is going to be the deterrence posture in the alliance. that's the first thing that wasn't discussed in the ddpr, which i think is a great shame. but i think it was not discussed in the ddpr because of the way the whole process was run, that it was divided into three different committees. it was not an overall discussion that was looking at a conceptual understa
Jun 7, 2012 7:30am EDT
to future summits under the status observer. the leaders are also exchanged views on iran's nuclear program and the fighting in syria. they criticize western moves to pressure iran and syria. they said that regional security and stability should be achieved through dialogue. >>> china's premier has urged iran's president to address western suspicion of its nuclear program. wen jiabao met with mahmoud ahmadinejad in beijing. when told the iranian leader that china opposes any middle east country possessing nuclear weapons. he also said the dispute hb resolved through diplomacy. china stis the largest buyer of iranian crude oil. united states and european officials plan to impose more sanctions targeting iran's oil exports later this month. they want to increase pressure on the country's leaders to curb their nuclear ambitions. >>> russia's foreign minister has also weighed in on the sanctions debate. >> translator: moving from negotiations to sanctions would serve no one's interest. new sanctions would be unproductive. >> lavrov says it's important for all parties involved in talks of iran's
Jun 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
moments, a look at diplomatic efforts to curtail iran's nuclear program. in a little more than an hour, matthews on the presidential campaign. and the senate's in session at 10 eastern. today's agenda includes a procedural vote on a bill regard b gender-based pay discrimination. >> we have several live events to tell you about this morning. a senate government affairs subcommittee holds a hearing on the hiring of veterans by goth contractors. that's on c-span at 10 a.m. eastern. also at 10 on c-span3, the senate finance committee looks at government programs to provide poor families. the program that provides assistance to families and children expires this year. >> michelle and i are grateful to the entire bush family for their guidance and their example during our own transition. george, i will always remember the gathering you hosted for all the living former presidents before i took office. your kind words of encouragement, plus you also left me a really good tv sports package. [laughter] i use it. [laughter] >> last week portraits of former president george w. bush and first lady
Jun 6, 2012 7:00am EDT
but it is not a military role that is -- a military role that is with iran. that is why they are there but they could gain the defense capability and could gain an important political role in the alliance if it were to become the push for example of changing the deterrent posture from one that is based completely on punishment to one that is based more on the nile. going back to some bizarre, old-fashioned debates that i thought i had seen the back of in 1990 but never the less those of the things that are being talked about. if you have a different deterrent posture that move from deterrence by denial, clearly you have are completely different position within the alliance to discuss what is going to be the deterrent posture in the alliance but that is the first thing -- a great shame. sir it was not an overall discussion looking at a conceptual understanding of what the posture of the alliance should be. the other role of missile defense would be more political because there would be a facility to say we don't have the non strategic nuclear weapons anymore. they were not needed any way with this new defe
Jun 4, 2012 8:30am EDT
of nuclear weapons reductions between the u.s. and russia to negotiations over iran's nuclear program, participants include former ambassador thomas pickering and a former nuclear talks end soy. this is hosted by the arms control association. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everyone. if you could, please, find your, your seats, please. we're about to get started. good morning, everyone. i'm daryl kimball, executive director of the independent nongovernmental arms control association, and i want to welcome everyone to our 2012 annual meeting. i also want to thank and welcome those of you watching online and on c-span. and before we get started, i'd like to remind everybody to turn off your cellular devices so we're not interrupted. as the arms control association enters its fifth decade, we've remained committed to providing information and ideas to address the security challenges posed by the world's most dangerous weapons, nuclear, biological, chemical and certain conventional weapons. as our many members here today know,
Jun 20, 2012 6:00am PDT
for over 80% of gaming income. >>> and here are the latest market figures. >>> delegates from iran and six major powers have met three times in three cities since april. they can't agree on what to do about tehran's nuclear program. western officials want scientists to stop enriching uranium to a concentration that could be easily altered to make nuclear weapons. iran's delegates asserted their rights to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. catherine ashton says experts will meet in two weeks to discuss technical matters. >> it remains clear that there are significant gaps between the substance of the two positions. >> western leaders say the plan to strengthen economic sanctions against iran later this month. they are targeting its oil exports. a nuclear negotiator says the embargoes are certain to influence the country's approach to dialogue with the six coun y countri countries. the talks and sanctions are met to avert military action against iran. >> so, what are the fundamental differences between iran and the pf plus one countries? the members of the security council plus germany.
Jun 20, 2012 11:00pm PDT
with respect to iran and with respect to syria? >> well, with respect to iran they are on board. you know, one of the real successes of our diplomatic strategy toward iran, which was to be willing to engage with them but to keep a very clear pressure track going is that the chinese and the russians are part of a unified negotiating stance that we have presented to the iranians, most recently in moscow. i think the iranian have been surprised. they have expended a certain amount of effort to try to break apart this so-called p5 plus 1. and they haven't been successful. the russians and the chinese have been absolutely clear they don't want to see iran with a nuclear weapon. they have to see concrete steps taken by iran that are in line with iran's international obligations, and we have said we'll do action for action, but we have to see some willingness on the part of the iranians to abt first. so i think it took three-plus years because one of the efforts that we've been engaged in is to make the case that as difficult as it is to put these sanctions on iran and particularly to ask countries l
Jun 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
again, after the revolution, france was france. deploying the contract iran had already with france on enrichment. if you had not declined, if you had accepted the right. the enrichment was supposed do be done in your lab, not iran. the second issue is that if really the problem is nuclear bond, 100% confident that iranian side would accept the whole military dimensions issue lodged before mainly 2003. there's some continuing disputes. the intelligence community is basically continuing to reassure the judgments made in the 2011 intelligence committee remained. that therefore the pmd question in my view is of the most importance to, in effect, provide the iaea with the fullest possible information to guard against problems in the future. i would begin the south african model. a no fault process. you tell the truth and the whole truth, there are no consequences. if you don't tell the truth, there are all conceivable contrasts. in part it's a test of good faith. in part it's a way to determine the answer. in part tths to take the burden of the guilt trip off the back of iran. which in
Jun 28, 2012 7:30am EDT
. >>> the threat of u.s. sanctions hung over iran for most of the year. the penalties on financial institutions dealing with iran's central bank are going into effect. iranian government leaders have vowed newt give into international pressure over their nuclear program despite a faltering economy. the congress passed a law to prohibit transactions between u.s. banks and financial institution as round the world that deal with iran's central bank. the sanctions are set to continue unless countries in which the banks are situated drastically reduce imports of iranian oil. the european union set to begin a complete ban of oil imports from iran on sunday. iranians already are feeling the pinch. >> translator: as a result of economic sanctions, bread, tomatoes, the cost of everything is going up. >> supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei says those in the west want to create a rift between the iranian people and their government. he said their effort will end in failure. >>> people in israel worry their country could become a target. israelis insist a preemptive strike against iranian nuclear facilit
Jun 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
does it have to do with iran's nuclear program. >>> >>> and mitt romney makes a day one promise. on day one of my presidency. we're going to show you why that usually doesn't add up. >>> george zimmerman in jail tonight, waiting for a judge to determine if he'll be set free on bond. his lawyer is "outfront." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront," we have breaking news. this was a very, very big day. stocks surged. the best day of the year. and the best june in 13 years. lucky 13 i guess. why? well, we were touched by an angel. and considering how important europe is to american jobs and to this presidential election, the president was touched by an angel too. yes. yes, she is, the angel in this case is literal. angela merkel putting another band aid on the europe crisis that buoyed stocks around the planet. literally this started in asia and fell all the way through. this was pretty incredible news. she caved sort of. looks like they're about to kiss, doesn't it? european leaders today said they'll allow troubled banks to use emergency mone
Jun 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
is not something you want him to be tapping text messages on about i don't know iran, syria, russia, or anything else. we'll wait and see how long research in motion can hold on to them. we're rooting for them. now, our third story "outfront." the worst wildfire in colorado raging across the state now unabated. the president declared it a major disaster. he toured the devastation today. with only 15% of the fire contained, 16,700 acres have been scorched. 346 homes destroyed. 20,000 still in harm's way tonight. two people are confirmed dead. and the body of the second victim was found this afternoon in the same destroyed home as the person found last night. i want to show you a picture, just an unbelievable picture. to give you a sense of this before and after. this is mountain shadows. a subdivision in colorado springs. we'll show you the before picture. then you can see the after picture to get a sense of just how incredible this has been, how this fire has completely razed entire neighborhoods. really destroyed so many lives. jim spellman is "outfront" tonight in colorado springs. jim what is
Jun 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
text messages on, about, i don't know, iran, syria, russia or anything else. we will wait to see how long research in motion can hold on to them. we are rooting for them. >> and now out front, colorado's worst wildfire raging across the state. president obama declared ate disaster as he toured the devastation today. 16,700 acres have been scorched, 346 homes destroyed and 20,000 right now are still standing in the fire's way. two people are confirmed dead. and the body of the second victim was found this afternoon in the same destroyed home as the person found last night. i want to show you a picture, just an unbelievable picture. to give you a sense of this before and after. this is mountain shadows. a subdivision in colorado springs. we'll show you the before picture. then you can see the after picture to get a sense of just how incredible this has been, how this fire has completely razed entire neighborhoods. really destroyed so many lives. jim spellman is "outfront" tonight in colorado springs. jim, what is the latest that you can see tonight? >> we just got word from fire offici
Jun 18, 2012 2:00pm EDT
-a-vis iran in particular. what do we do in the future about this? i'm going to short cut it here. senator mccain has it right. we should give more assistance to the free syrian army including tactical guidance, command and control. that means boots on the ground. not in syria but in turkey. i'm talking about special forces. one lieutenant colonel and a handful of majors. they work on command and control. they go in and organize. help the free syrian army be better organized. decrease the number of atrocities they are perpetrating on the ground. make sure we don't have what looks like libya in the end with hundreds of militias not holding to the central government, running around refusing to disarm and the government having to bribe the militias to provide security. to work with assad, et cetera. that's one. we should be building, as the senator said, a coalition of the willing. let's call them the better friends of syria. not just friends of syria. we should plan coalition military operations. with an emphasis on arab forces. the uae and qatar were instrumental in libya. they are on the righ
Jun 21, 2012 7:30pm EDT
of assad would be the biggest blow to iran in 25 years. yes, there are risks to greater involvement in syria. the opposition is still struggling to get organized. al qaeda and other extremists are working to highjack the revolution. and there are reports of reprisal killings. these risks are real and serious, but risks of continuing to do nothing are worse. if we fail to act, it will threaten our allies. with or without assad the country will develop into a full-scale civil war with areas of ungoverned space that al qaeda and its allies will occupy. violence and radicalism will spill even more into lebanon and iraq, fuelling sectarian conflicts that are still burning in both countries, syria will turn into a battlefield between sunni and shia extremists, each backed by foreign powers which will ignite sectarian tensions from north africa, to the gulf, and risk a wider regional conflict. this is the course we're on in syria. we must act now to avoid it. the u.s. action i envision would not be unilateral. it would be multi-lateral. we would work closely with arab and european allies,
Jun 27, 2012 7:30pm EDT
you introduce yourself? >> my name is javier -- i was born in iran. i live in florida. you mentioned the last statement was the partnership between america and turkey is going to help to movement of the north africa and middle east. but honestly, if we look at it, yesterday he mentioned that the commander of the u.s. military in africa, african commander, i believe, he said there's three major terrorist groups. al qaeda, the nigerian group, and some group in mali. and somalia, they make an alliance. the question is this. if west or whoever shows interest create this -- they took away the gadhafi power. which nobody wants that guy. don't get me wrong. because of this, we have more problem in libya. more problem in western africa. whose benefit is this? is it the people of africa? what is going on here? the financing of the war. finance both of the war. you can use turkey. you can use iraq, syria, afghanistan. america has better position today as an influence in the middle east with one million or half a million soldiers in middle east, compared to 20 years ago. which is more influence
Jun 29, 2012 9:30am EDT
the unity of the country. dear friends, the rising tension in iran's nuclear program is another significant issue. on turkey's doorstep and in a literal way against which we cannot afford to remain indifferent. we do not want iran to acquire nuclear weapons. we do not want any other country in the region acquire nuclear weapons. turkey is probably the only country most directly concerned about the possibility of iran acquiring nuclear weapons. such a development would gravely threaten the peace, security, and stability in the region by triggering a nuclear armament race. that is completely against turkey's vision for the region, and we have said so at every opportunity, new york, brussels, and in tehran. similarly, we are against any military intervention in iran. it would have devastating effects on an already volatile region. diplomacy is the only viable option in resolving the issue of iran's nuclear program. likewise, continued engagement and dialogue even at the point where it seems to fail is important to prevent iran from going further astray. therefore, we are committed to facilitat
Jun 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the international atomic energy agency will resume talks friday with representatives of iran. the head of the nuclear watchdog says he hopes to restart an investigation of the country's suspected weapons program. iaea director general yukiya amano spoke monday at the agency's board meeting in vienna. >> i wish to inform the board that a meeting between iran and the agency has been scheduled for june 8th in vienna. i invite iran to sign and implement it as soon as possible and provide early access to the site. >> the iaea suspects iran has been developing nuclear weapons at the parchin military complex. the country's leaders have refused to allow iaea inspectors access to the site. >>> north korea's military is threatening to attack several south korean media outlets for criticizing the north's leadership under kim jong un. the military issued what it calls an open notice through the state run media on monday in connection with media coverage after an ongoing event in pyongyang. the notice says the south korean media portrayed the event involving 20,000 children as a staged attempt to s
FOX News
Jun 10, 2012 7:00am PDT
you updates from the scene as we get them. and another "fox news alert," this morning, iran telling the west the only path to successful nuclear talks is for the world to accept tehran's position. iran's hardened tone of defiance comes after another round of talks with u.n. nuclear watchdog, the iaea, and we want to wish you a good morning, everyone, i'm jamie colby, great to have you here. hi, eric. >> eric: good morning, good morning, everyone and welcome to america's news headquarters for this sunday morning. iran is also again setting a pessimistic tone for separate nuclear talks that will start later this month in moscow. now they are telling the world to, quote, accept our demands. and tehran accuses the u.s. of bullying. more on the developing story, let's bring in fox news contributor and former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton who joins us from los angeles, good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be with you. >> eric: as you have said all along, every sunday morning it is going on and on and on and now, iran says, accept our demands. i mean, accept o
FOX News
Jun 17, 2012 7:00am PDT
greece to iran. the u.s. and five powers meeting in moscow tomorrow for yet another round of talks aimed at trying to stop iran from building a potential nuclear bomb and the latest negotiations come weeks before the sanctions kick in, an oil embargo go from the european union and with iran in turmoil and the currency lost 50% of its value, prices sky rocked 40%, will more economic sanctions finally force tehran to give into western demands or will the iranians continue their brazen abject defiance? john bolton, a former ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor who joins us every sunday at this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, eric, glad to be with you. >> eric: there were zillions of meetings in vienna and istanbul and tomorrow, moscow, why would we expect any different result from the meetings that start tomorrow than before? >> well, i think it is very unlikely there will be a different result. we have seen a lot of coordination in the past few weeks, between russia and iran. every prospect that iran will try to insist that for it to do anything, the europeans
FOX News
Jun 24, 2012 7:00am PDT
this arab spring is turning rapidly into a muslim winter. we have to understand that iran has been the extreme radical islam form in the middle east while we had egypt as a counter, of a secular, very moderate regime over the past 35, 40 years. if morsi wins and the muslim brotherhood wins, means we're looking at a radical islamic middle east, full of tensions and will not be a simple situation for israel or the west. >> eric: could it is eventually lead to a scuttling of the peace treaty? >> well, effectively the peace treaty, while formally it still exists, effectively is not there anymore. there is no meaningful economic ties, but, still, we're certainly not in a situation of war and that is good news. we hope in any case the peace treaty will remain intact each under a radical regime, though, chances are low. what it means is america has to stay strong, israel has to stay strong under this very unstable environment. >> eric: do you think the peace treaty and any stability that remains would really stay in place if the muslim brotherhood takes over egypt? >> look, i'm worried ab
FOX News
Jun 16, 2012 11:30am PDT
, the meaning of the mental. civil war in syria, relations with russia, tensions with iran and the economic meltdown in europe, all raising questions about mr. obama's foreign policies. but, have the media been glossing over the concerns. >> i would say in a hundred years, this country will be-- it's a stupid religion and a stupid country. >> liberal loud mouth bill maher attacks the religion and calls our nation stupid. and bush 41 gets the h.b.o. treatment. was it fair? >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. richard grinell, former spokesman for the the last four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. jim pinkerton, contributor, american editor magazine and daily beast columnist, kirsten powers. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> and you're sure that the white house and the people involved will not take someone's-- out of context. >> what's the white house's view of-- >> what is the white house overall reaction to unite health care's announcement. >> and the house to vote-- what's the white house doing. >> unequivocally that it's wrong and absurd if
Jun 18, 2012 5:30pm PDT
highly enriched uranium. they expressed their resolve in a new round of talks on irans nuclear program. the first day of' two-day meeting in moscow ended on monday. participants included the new negotiators and five u.n. security council members and germany. the foreign policy chief katherine ashton is also attending. they say it's impossible to discuss halting the uranium enrichment program. they added the country has the right to continue with the program for peaceful purposes. the comments were an official response to a proposal by the western countries at the previous meeting in baghdad last month. the western delegates at that time suggested they would ease some economic sanctions on iran if the country stopped enriching uranium to levels used in weapons. iaea spokespersons told reporters that iran is simply repeating old statements. a high-ranking iranian official said the western countries need to win talks to make progress in the dialogue. they will resume on tuesday. >>> a u.n. conference opens on wednesday in rio de janeiro on how to meet human needs while protecting the plan
Jun 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
their production to other companies. >>> here are the latest market figures. >>> iran's deputy foreign minister says western sanctions will only complicate international negotiations over his country's nuclear program. representatives from the u.s., eu and other world powers want iranian scientists to stop enriching uranium to a level that could be used for weapons development. saitabas spoke to nhk. he's a former ambassador to japan. he's been taking part in negotiations with the five permanent members of the u.n. security council and germany. aranchi says the u.s. and europe must recognize iran's right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. >> it's a big misunderstanding if they think that iran has -- iran is under pressure by the sanctions. no. not at all. >> yes, sanctions have been costly. sanctions have caused extra expenses for us, but they haven't been able to -- you know, to force iran to give up its rights. >> araghchi points out iran's nuclear program has become an issue of national pride because the country has been able to independently build related technology. he says iran will n
Jun 6, 2012 5:00pm PDT
views on iran's nuclear program and the fighting in syria. they criticized western moves to pressure iran and syria. they said regional security and stability should be achieved through dialogue. >>> china's premier has called on the iranian president to clear up suspicions of its possible development of nuclear weapons. wen jiabao met with mahmoud ahmadinejad in beijing. he told the iranian leader that china opposes any middle east country possessing nuclear weapons. he said china supports the idea that iran's nuclear issues should be resolved in an impartial way through diplomatic annels. mahmoud ahmadinejad stressed his country's alliance with china, the largest buyer of its crude oil. he told wen there are no negative aspects of ties between the two countries and wants to develop them further. the united states and european nations plan to impose new sanctions targeting iran's oil exports later this month. they want to increase pressure on the country to curb its nuclear ambitions. iran seems to be trying to establish stronger ties to china and russia to co
Jun 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
iranian enrichment. this followed last week's meeting in moscow between iran and five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany. ministers will also ban eu based firms from ensuring, tankers transporting iranian crude oil to japan. experts forecast iran's oil exports will be cut by 20%. or 1/2, if the united states ban is included. the iranian government said it will continue the uranium enrichment despite the blow to its weakened economy. >> does this new -- well, complete oil embargo help toward filling the gaps? >> those sanctions are there to try and keep that pressure, in order that the regime in iran understands that this is about trying to get them to take those concerns seriously and address them. >> reporter: eu representative catherine ashton said she hopes to solve the nuclear standoff through dialogue. takashi ichinose, nhk world, luxembourg. >>> meanwhile, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has urged russia to step up pressure on iran over its nuclear program. netanyahu met russian president vladimir putin on monday and said he asked putin to bolste
Jun 3, 2012 5:25am EDT
the leadership of a bin laden and on his relationship with iran and pakistan. i would be happy to go into more details about other aspects. the important qualification has to do with the fact the report is a study of all the 17 documents captured from his compound. they consist of electronic letters totaling 175 pages. in view of the same volume, it would be irresponsible to claim they reveal conclusive information about al qaeda. the documents are highly valuable and at the very least to the demand a reassessment of what has been dubbed as al qaeda central. this brings me to the sound bite, witches, bin laden's frustration with regional groups and his inability to exercise control over their actions is the most compelling story to be told on the basis of the 17 documents. why is this compelling? because it has been assumed al qaeda was able to rebuild following the losses it suffered in the aftermath of the military campaign in afghanistan in 2001 and it has also been able to access the organization. the intelligence community labeled this as a al qaeda central based on the leaders who were s
Jun 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
view, dangerous for everybody -- syria, iran, its allies, lebanon, jordan, the united states, the gulf states. it is a very tricky moment and i don't think, quite frankly, the united states is helping to resolve the situation. a high-risk strategy, which we can talk about in a moment. >> what is that high-risk strategy? >> there are to the promising diplomatic initiatives in recent weeks. one is led by catherine ashton, the european union's foreign policy chief, and the other by kofi annan, the former secretary general of the united nations was mandated by the arab league and the u.n. to try and promote a peace plan for syria. catherine ashton was pressing for a win-win deal between iran and the so-called p5 plus 1. they have had two meetings so far. the first one was very promising. there is another meeting coming up on june 18 in moscow, and it does not look good at all. why? because the u.s. has toughened its position. it does not seem to want a win- win deal where iran would give up its 20% enriched uranium. why has the united states adopted this position? it seems to be taking its
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Jun 18, 2012 8:00am PDT
. information was leaked about a computer virus targeting iran and word of a yemeni double agent was leaked. they say it was designed to boost his credentials in an election year. the senate minority leader said even the president should testify when itess deemed necessary. >> all americans, including the president of the united states are expected to cooperate in an investigation for potential criminal offenses, and i would expect the president would need to cooperate if he were called upon to testify. >> reporter: mcconnell suggested a thorough investigation should be carried out, while john mccain and joseph lieberman are insisting an independent counsel be eye pointed. jenna: since that is on going what kind of investigation is being con tkute conducted right now today. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder appointed two attorneys to look into the situation. plouffe refused to say whether the president would testify if called on by investigators. he said an independent counsel is not needed. >> what you have here is a situation where an investigation has been announced, by two unite
Jun 18, 2012 1:00pm EDT
that. meanwhile, assad and his forces continue to be re-armed by russia and iran. there are reports of iranian operatives on the ground in syria to help assad with the killing while russia apparently continues to ship heavy weapons including as secretary clinton has stated the very helicopter gun ships that assad is currently using to bomb civilians. whether these are new helicopters or old ones that assad sent to russia to be are you furbished and have the blood washed off of them is a distinction without a difference. they are now reports that russia as dispatched two ships and the unit of russian marines to re-enforce their nafl base. clearly this is not a fair fight. amid all of the violence in syria, we cannot go numb to the human tragedy there. in april thanks to the special efforts of the turkish government senator joe lieberman and i visited a syrian refugee camp in southern turkey. i've seen my share of suffering and death. but the stories that those syrians told still haunt me. men who have lost all of their children. women and girls who have been gang raped. dhirp who hav
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